Wednesday, February 24, 2016

50,000 Mile Checkup and First Post

By Thor.

I brought my Prius in to the Toyota of Orlando Dealership for its 50,000 mile all points check up. Because of the Holidays and m procrastination, the car was quite over due based on my odometer. I like to wait at the dealership while the work is done because there are always people waiting around to draw. They chat on the is phones, conducts business or finger their phone surfing social media. A large screen TV behind me was blaring some program that claimed that they have pertinent evidence in unsolved murders. A young college girl was murder and they had audio that apparently was from the killers cell phone. She shouted the killers name and cried for help. The show host then played | audio for the devastated parents to hear so the camera co get their reaction. I didn't look. I tried to block it out.

My tires were well worn. I knew this from the last time, I had the car in for an oil change. There was a sale, buy three tires and get the fourth tire free. The damage was still over $500.  I ended up having to wait an extra hour and a half. Since I was sketching, the time flew buy. My car is probably in better shape and healthier than I am. It is time to think about getting a tune up myself. I've put in quite a few miles since I saw a doctor last.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing other local sketch artist's work. Thank you for continuing to share the colors of life in our community. Also... my wife happened to be at the same location as you, with her Prius, when you were there. Small world.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll be happy to share sketches with you. I think you know my focus is typically beer, but if I sketch 'place' in our community, I'll send to you... and you can decide if th sketch fits in the realm your manifesto. Cheers!