Friday, May 4, 2018

USk Orlando 10x10 2018 Kickoff Workshop_1 with Woody Woodman

If there's one phrase that could best describe our first workshop of 2018 10x10 Orlando Urban Sketchers program, it would be; HIGH SPIRITS! Even the rain could not dampen the enthusiastic energy of the group and of our charismatic instructor, Woody Woodman. Woody is an Orlando artist, drawing instructor, and former Disney storyboard animator. All that attended had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from a Disney Master on how to tell a little story in a rapid sketch.

Our location for this first workshop was the Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. We were taken by storm into the secrets of Woody’s animation world as he demonstrated to us ways to read body language and how to capture fleeting moments in our sketchbooks. Woody emphasized body gestures and humorously exaggerated his poses which caught us all in great laughter. Such repeated demonstration during the three-hour workshop was helpful to sharpen our observational abilities. Woody pointed out arrays of body details and movements we could see in the people around us- walking, sitting, standing, stretching, leaning, ducking, pulling or pushing- all the possible body gestures people share. 

For the purpose of this class, Woody presented a minimalist approach to urban sketching, just a mention of our surroundings when capturing little moments of people's lives in a sketch.  Woody pointed out elements from our immediate observation to include in stories. He focused on a dog standing by a tree being pulled by his owner, a tree trunk as foreground, and a corner of a structure as just a mention of background.

With the drizzling rain, we moved from the shade of the cypress trees in the park to the balcony at World of Beer. We got our feet wet but with so many fantastic people, beer, and our joyful instructor- no one seemed to mind.
Our group for this urban sketching Workshop included first-time urban sketchers, Disney cartoonists who came to learn more from a master, long-time USK Orlando members, and two of our upcoming workshop instructors, Greg Bryla, a local landscaping architect and an avid ink sketcher who will teach workshops 2 and 9, and James Richards, a leading instructor with the International Urban Sketchers who will teach workshops 3 and 10. 

Woody Woodman will be back in October 2018 to teach Workshop_8 of our 10x10 program. "Framing The Story: Finding Intimate Stories in Urban Settings." This class will be instructed in the Halloween spirit.

Till then Woody left a note: Hello gang. Today I am sharing a few drawings from my latest workshop in Huston. Before I left I had an Urban Sketches workshop in Orlando and one of the attendees asked a very good question. The question was how can someone add movement to the figures in the drawing. I work in animation and am very familiar with the key poses in a walk cycles. I am posting a few drawings from the Huston airport of people in motion and leaving you a few notes to help you with drawing people in motion. Enjoy and hope to see you in my next workshop.

 For the second year, Urban Sketchers Orlando Chapter is taking part in the 10x10 Urban Sketchers worldwide initiative to offer educational workshops to our Central Florida community and to our guests visiting our city. We are excited that here in Orlando that we are able to offer workshops with five talented and influential Urban Sketcher artists- Woody Woodman, Greg Bryla, James Richards, Kim Minichiello, and Thomas Thorspecken. Each instructor will bring their unique artistic skills and knowledge to their workshops of storytelling, sketch reportage, watercolor and pen techniques, and digital sketching.

To learn more about our Instructors and to find details about the nine remaining workshops we offer, visit our USk Orlando Eventbrite page and scroll down to see the list of our events.

Registration is now open to all classes.


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